Infinity aviation participated in the second China tianjin international helicopter expo
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On September 8, 2013, the second China tianjin international helicopter expo was held in tianjin airport. Tianjin infinite aviation participated in the exhibition and had friendly discussions with domestic and foreign air traffic personnel. Vulcanair P68 aircraft is widely used in Europe and America for alert and patrol, forest fire prevention, ocean patrol, aviation school training, aerial photography, oil pipeline and power grid monitoring and other navigation operations and official flights.

20 advantages of P68 aircraft:

1. Double hair, stable and safe

2. 6 seats, large cabin space

3. Factory is organic hinterland plate hole structure, no modification, no STC, save money and time

4. The laikangming io-360 series engine, which is the same series as Cessna 172 and Robbins, has a large number of domestic maintenance personnel

5. Fully transparent nose, excellent vision

6. Ultra-long range of 3,000km, ultra-long endurance of 10 hours

7. Low fuel consumption, with a minimum fuel consumption of only 72 liters per hour

8. Single-pilot flight allowed

9. Advanced avionics system, factory standard Garmin 950, plus autopilot

10. IFR instrument flight, night flight and cloud flight

11. Upper single wing, stable flight, good downward view, suitable for sightseeing, convenient loading and unloading equipment

12. Direct delivery from Italy to China, no need for reinstallation and test flight, fast, safe and efficient

Short take-off and landing, 240 m take-off, 200 m landing, cleared to take off on airstrip

14. Wide engine door, easy access for equipment from both sides of the fuselage

Stall speed is low, 106km/h, allowing slow operation

16. High optional configuration, deicing system and weather radar can be added

17. The engine is mature and the overhaul cost is low

18. Retractable landing gear model for complex aircraft instruction

19. The payload is 680 kg and the maximum capacity is 230 kg of operational equipment

20. The price is low, the factory price is 800,000 euros, and the cost performance is higher in the plane with a takeoff weight of 2 tons.

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